The following courses are offered to their respective industry; however, they can be tailored to your specific needs.  In these courses you do not need a consultation, instead you may sign up after you select the respective course for your organization.  One of our E&T staff members will reach out and discuss the logistics with you. More courses will be offered in the near future.  In each of the courses we offer, we will travel to any location and perform on-site training for your organization.

*Contact us directly (302) 514-3126 for group/organization and contract rates

*Everyone who completes our Active Shooter/Mass Trauma course will receive a R.A.T.S Tourniquet© or North American Rescue C-A-T©

An active killer is defined as any person or persons who are engrossed with killing or injuring as many people at one or more locations, regardless of weapon.
— 53 Strategic

Survive a violent encounter (SAVE)

Active Shooter (Organizaton)/Mass Trauma

Option A:  1/2 day (4 hours)

$300 per person

Option B (see below description):  1 day (8 hours) includes add on scenario based exercises and hands on defensive tactics. Additional $250 per person (contact for group/organizational discounts)

*We offer individual or student classes at a special discounted rate, please see the bottom of our course detail.

Although an active killer event is not as widespread as we are led to believe, we cannot ignore the threat; and we certainly cannot afford to be ill-prepared.  Organizations owe it to their personnel to train each one to the highest standards possible.  If we continue having a mindset that a mass casualty event could or will never happen to our organization or us, we only set ourselves up to fail.

We offer a comprehensive course that incorporates a variety of techniques and similar methodology from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.  We have improved this course by combining proprietary training designed by 53 Strategic to ensure the training exceeds quality, safety and prepares all who attend for survivability. In this course, we cover several topics on how you can increase your chances of surviving a mass trauma emergency. We will train you to the highest standards and ensure proven life-saving tactics and techniques are employed, so you minimize risk, injury, and loss of life. The tactics and techniques taught can be applied not only to an active shooter situation, but any violent public encounters (such as terrorism-related events, festival violence, and many other situations.)

Below you will see Some of the highlighted techniques and life-saving skills taught:

  • Tourniquet training and bleeding control (T&BC)We are one of the only training companies to offer and have certified instructors teach the essential use of a tourniquet and application of bleeding control.  We learned from our training, experience, and research that when "civilians" are trained to render aid to themselves or co-workers/students during a major trauma event the odds of surviving are substantially increased.

    *T&BC are a free add-on to the Active Shooter TRAINING and are also a stand-alone class.*

  • Recognition, survivability, escape, and recovery-We teach situational awareness, alerting techniques, escape, barricade, and recovery/aftermath.

  • The Arrival of Law Enforcement-We cover how to react and respond when law enforcement personnel arrive on-scene.

  • Optional feature: We will custom build a series of objective-based exercises. Individual students will participate in scenario-based practicals. Students will be evaluated and provided feedback to build on the foundation of survival.


*This course is also offered to individuals/groups not associated with an organization at a significantly discounted rate.  If you are unable to attend because your organization does not offer training or you feel the training is inadequate, please click here to schedule a class.

preventing a threat While Advancing Your Safety (pathWAYS)

1 day (8hrs)

$500.00 per person (contact for organization group discount or contract pricing) **Special pricing available below 

This particular course is an innovative behavioral threat management approach, designed by 53 Strategic, to help disrupt a mass trauma or violent attack event from occurring. We focus on developing strategies in the identification, intervention, and prevention techniques. We also cover lessons learned from past events and how we can use the information to evolve. The fundamental concept is to identify and prevent the threat in advance before any violent acts are carried out. If the "path to violence" is #disrupted, the chances of successfully avoiding a mass trauma, active killer, or violent attack event are significantly increased. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all method for responding to an MT/AK or violent events. We teach a series of tools readily available to assist in the prevention of potential threats.


This course can be tailored to any industry.

Special adaptations have been made for the following:

  • Educational Administrators

  • Educational Teaching Staff

  • Realtors (1/4 day, 2 hrs, $200.00 per person)

  • Behavioral Assessment/Intervention Teams

  • Faith-based institutions

  • Government (federal/state)

  • Counselors, Psycologists, Psychiatrists

  • Restaurant/Bars- Owners and Staff (1/4 day, 2hrs, $200.00 per)

  • Night clubs, music venues, public event planners



Workplace violence 

Option A:  1/4 day (2 hours) basic course

$200 per person

Option B:  1/2 day (4 hours) intermediate

$300 per person

Option C:  1 day (8 hours) advanced

$600 per person

As described by OSHA, “Nearly 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year. Unfortunately, many more cases go unreported.”  Workplace violence is much more than physical violence and includes harassment, intimidation, the threat of violence, disruptive behavior, and other forms of verbal abuse.  While there is no compliance standard for employees to offer training or develop policy, any organization can ensure a safe working environment for its employees, customers, contractors, and anyone else in a business relationship.  We offer extensive training courses addressing workplace violence.  This training is designed for:  Educators, Late-night employees (bars, nightclubs, convenience stores, hotels/motels, and more.) and all other types of small and large business and retail.  

We offer three distinct courses.

  • Basic: Non-supervisory employees Course- Covers reporting, recognizing, and mitigation techniques

  • Intermediate: Supervisory or Managerial Course: Covers policy enforcement, recognizing behavior, disciplinary action, communication, upchanneling, and mitigation.

  • Advanced: Executive/Human Resource Course: Covers policy creation, fostering a culture of safety, legal review, workplace assessments, decisions making.



Health Care Workplace violence

HCW for employees:  Contact for scheduling 

HCW for supervisors, trainers, managers, and executive health care administrators:  Request a consultation

A reputable healthcare provider should have a well-developed safety program to prevent or handle healthcare violence.  We offer training on prevention, safety, identification of risk, policy, and reporting.  New changes to OSHA's Enforcement Procedures for Investigating or Inspecting Workplace Violence Incidents went into effect in early 2017.  We provide guidance and support for training your healthcare workers that may be exposed to workplace violence exceeding OSHA requirements.


Emergency drill/exercise

This course is designed for an organization's emergency/security manager or team, and it covers how to conduct evaluations on your organizations emergency plan.  Any emergency plan requires adequate training, exercises, and drills to ensure the written plan functions as designed.  We provide detailed training, skills, and evaluation tools that can be used to ensure your organization meets all standards, identifies weak, or fail areas and develops those areas into exceeding compliance.  A reputable business should have an adequate training and evaluation program.  

 Numerous evaluators look on as Crisis Manager David Stuhan gives instructions to Emergency Operations Center personnel during a graded exercise as part of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant's recovery from a 2014 radiation accident. Courtesy WIPP. Fri Dec 02 10:34:19 -0700 2016 1480700056 FILENAME: 336469.jpg

Photo by UberImages/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by UberImages/iStock / Getty Images

Leadership and Effective Communication

In this course, we provide central leadership to your employees to create dynamic competencies in all roles within your organization.  This course will provide insight, development, strategies, lessons learned, and performance enhancement, authenticity, and the ways to communicate at all levels in order to expand a robust working enviroment.  We also cover other leadership development areas.  We offer this course in 4 courses.  

  • Non-supervisory (1/4 day, 2 hours, $250 per person)

  • Supervisory ( 1 days, 8 hours, $350 per person)

  • Managerial (2 days, 16 hours, $600 per person

  • Executive (4 days, 40 hours, $1250 per person)