We offer over



Years of Combined experience

By combining our members education and professional experiences, here at 53S, we have experts from Federal and local law enforcement, Military and graduates of specialized schools, Graduate level degrees in Homeland Security, Leadership, Forensic Criminology and Social Sciences.

Formal Schools:

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Hostage Negotiations (FBI-Delaware State Police)

  • Center for Development of Security Excellence (AT-LvL II)


  • Forensic Criminology

  • NTOA Tactical Operations


  • High Risk Operations/Officer Survival

  • Special Weapons and Tactics School

  • Special Response Team


Experience, education, and training can make the difference between life and death.  No matter how rare these mass casualty events are, one loss of life is too many.  At 53 Strategic, we are diligently working to innovate, create, and develop solutions to violent behavior.  We take pride in creating a safer more secure environment.

The FBI reports from 2000-2017 the casualties from an "Active Shooter" is 2,217 over 250 incidents in that timeframe.  Although rare, the reality of protecting our public and private venues is a must.  We do not wish to be a fear-driven company; however, we want our clients to be prepared for any threats.  We believe that preparedness saves lives and minimizes risk.  Give us an opportunity to partner with you and make your organization safer.