Assessments, Emergency Planning, & Evaluations

Today, businesses, universities, entertainment venues, religious and medical facilities face an ever-growing threat to their employees and facilities.  According to the Bureau of Labor, nearly 2 million employees report being the victim of workplace violence.     

With that said, another threat on the rise is active shooter or as we at 53 Strategic define as: “Active Killer” incidents. Our commercial clientele has a legitimate concern for their employees, customers, and event safety and security.  

The reality is violence is not the only threat to our private and public industry.  Many entities face a variety of situations having the potential of being catastrophic for an agency or event.  Training or the lack thereof is always at the heart of an agencies liability.  At 53 Strategic, we offer training services under our Education and Training Division. You see, by enhancing the safety and security elements we make the workplace or your event that much safer.  We want your agency or activity to be poised for success and better positioned as a leader in training and minimize your liability.

The questions then become:  “How well trained are your personnel?”  “Is your organization in the best position to develop your personnel to be leaders at all levels, protect your staff and facilities, or even the people you serve?”  “Is your current training or risk management enough?”  “Is your organization prepared?”

Remember, the time to prepare is not in the middle of an event.  You have to take the intiative and pre-plan, train, and evaluate your plan for success.

53 Strategic is here to help.  We are highly trained safety and security experts that can provide detailed evaluations on your current security needs.  Below are just a few of our highlighted services we offer our clients to help mitigate or train on any number of issues you may face.  We can tailor our training and consultations to far exceed the specific needs of our clientele.  Please reach out and request a FREE standard consultation where we can further discuss every option we can provide.


Photo by John Steven Fernandez

Photo by John Steven Fernandez

Targeted school violence

Today, there is increased national attention on school violence and what, if any can be done to prevent these types of horrific attacks.  Thankfully, school violence is rare; however, recently school violence has become the forefront of highly publicized school shootings.  53 Strategic offers a two-step process of behavioral threat analysis on the student-family and facility population and partnership development with students-family and facility to identify, educate, alert and train for potential threats of violence.  The end goal is to identify individual behavioral markers and provide better safety and security for our students and teachers.   

Behavioral threat assessment

Behavioral Threat Analysis (BAT), first created by the US Secret Service to prevent assassinations on our Executive Leadership.  Over the last few decades, BAT has evolved and continued to expand its capabilities.  We at 53 Strategic have conjoined traditional BAT principles with the theory of human criminal behavior, psychopathology, and forensic criminology as a new method of identifying predictive behavioral markers of potential threats.  

53 Strategic can conceptualize a sequence of predictive markers an individual could display regarding the propensity for violent tendencies.  We specialize in analyzing threats and developing strategies to mitigate risk. 

Photo by RomoloTavani/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by RomoloTavani/iStock / Getty Images


Threat management/Intervention teams

We offer training to our clients on developing and establishing a Behavioral Threat Management Teams/Threat Intervention Teams.  We further provide how to maintain the team's strategic operation and challenges that may arise.  The importance of creating such a group is vital to the overall safety, security, and assessment of potential threats within your specific industry.    

Our professional team at 53 Strategic can provide counsel for our clients facing threats.  We will assess and develop a series of solutions and threat management strategies that will help to reduce the risk faced. 

Crisis management Strategies (CMS)

Our staff at 53 Strategic know how crucial it is for the integrity of your business reputation to stay intact.  


Steven Fink defines a crisis as, "An unstable time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending --either one with the distinct possibility of a highly undesirable outcome or one with the distinct possibility of a highly desirable and extremely positive outcome."   

This is why we created CMS to prepare leaders and public relations officers to handle a crisis within their organizations.  We provide insight, training, and guidance on useful crisis or emergency communications, risk management, and contingency forecasting, intervention, and finally controlling the outcome.  Any business that fails to recognize a crisis can occur at any moment is a business placing their trust and future on Chance.  We can help prepare, navigate, or provide outside insight into recovering from your "crisis."  Remember, a crisis can be anything that disrupts daily operations. 

Is an analytical service 53 Strategic provides to quantify the security and safety shortfalls our client may face?  After an assessment is concluded, we provide in detail a comprehensive report offering recommendations to amend the security deficiencies noted throughout our analysis.  The Vulnerability Analysis can be used at sporting events, music festivals, religious facilities, and brick and mortar businesses.   


Most Agencies have plans, policies, and procedures in place to address a variety of emergency situations.  53 Strategic offers a unique Evaluation and compliance; we like to call "53iT," used to test or determine the readiness, capabilities, and response efforts by an organization.  This state of the art team will review policies, procedures, acquisitions and assets, physical response efforts, and provide a fully developed report with recommendations for improvement.  

We also provide training and consultation to our clientele who are seeking a new emergency plan or modernization of their existing plan to ensure compliance with future standards.

Our specialized Evaluations and Inspection teams can determine the full extent of our client's readiness and capabilities during an emergency and non-emergency situations.  We provide complete evaluations, inspections, and exercise (drills) for, health care; educational facilities; emergency services; event security; mass casualty; sporting events; music festivals; and many more.


  • Active "Killer" emergency and protective plan

  • Emergency Planning/Management for Medical Facilities

  • Emergency Management/Planning for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities

  • Disaster Readiness and Preparedness Assessments, Exercises, Drills

  • Emergency Planning for places of Worship

  • Continuity Plan (see below)

Emergency Training, Drills, and Exercises Planning

We offer unique and adaptable coordination of scenario-based exercises for private and public clientele.  We handle the logistics of such a coordinated readiness drill or event with local authorities, emergency management, employees, and media sources.  We test your organziation's or institution's robust emergency plan and help you evaluate the results.  From table top exercises to full on exercise implementation; we have you covered!

Photo by FC St. Gallen Event AG

Photo by FC St. Gallen Event AG

Business Continuity Plan

Every business needs a back-up plan.  We will work with your team to train, develop, and put into action a comprehensive business continuity plan.  Our team members will provide their training and technical assisstance in creating plans that support and prepare your business for any situation.