Research and Development are at the heart of 53 Strategic.  One of the unique aspects of this company is blending technology with traditional schools of thought.  We seek to improve Public Safety, Justice and Homeland Security through creative development.  Our team is always innovating new ideas to address National Security, Disaster Relief, and other areas of public and private safety.


Predictive Criminology and behavioral analytics

One of our most comprehensive R&D projects is expounding the principles of psychopathology, human criminal behavior, and criminological theory to develop identifiable markers of criminal behavior.  Our team is diligently working to aid in preventing violent criminal acts through innovative ideas and studying the human criminal mind. 


Unmanned Aerial systems for public and private safety

Currently, we are conducting extensive R&D in the field of UASs and improving their capabilities for public and private use.  UAS have great potential and application for identifying threats, geospatial mapping, disaster relief efforts, and defense.  


Public Safety tEchnology

53 Strategic is currently in the R&D of technology that will better enhance law enforcement efforts in analysis of effective policing.