First, welcome to 53 Strategic.  I am both honored and humbled to be able to lead this company into continuing the mission of helping and saving lives.  Fundamentally that's who we are as an organization and our ultimate goal.  This company and how we achieve our mission is so important to me.  You see we are not the only company in the marketplace that offers the type of services we do.  

Moreover, I could sell you the line that we are different and better than any other company, I won’t. What I will say is those who experience our professional performance and genuinely benefit from our results; we will let those results speak volumes more than I could ever attempt to convince you. Words have meaning and actions will always speak louder than words. Until you and your organization take that first step and allow us the opportunity to present critical consultations, training, or research, we will always be just another company.  So, I invite you to rethink your position and experience us firsthand.  I can guarantee you and your organization will be more than satisfied with our results.

What I truly believe sets us apart from other organizations is the why behind the reason we serve this mission.  When I first joined the military, it wasn't about me or a lofty goal I needed to reach.  No, it was about serving our great nation in time of need.  I joined while our country was at war.  The tragic events of 9/11 changed me, as they changed so many others.  A time when we as Americans sacrificed our comfort and safety to be a part of something more significant.  The courage I witnessed in my friends and neighbors cemented my resolve to defend all we stand for as a nation.   I remember reading the verse in Isaiah, 6:8, And then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”  For me, it has always remained about serving and protecting others.  My passion in life is defined by that very same ethos and why I continued my journey into law enforcement.  There are many more reasons why I choose to serve, but most importantly it’s to make a better tomorrow.  You see, if I don't fight this battle today, then my children must fight it tomorrow.  I will not stand idly by and push this burden on future generations.  I want our communities to be safer, more connected, and peaceful.  Sadly, the world we live in does not grant us peace indefinitely.

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My company continues in that tradition of service.  We carry out this calling of public and private safety because we genuinely want to save lives.  So while other companies are about the bottom line and securing profit, we at 53 Strategic seek first to provide quality services so that what is gained by our clients saves even one life.  The truth of the matter is no amount of money can ever cover the loss of one person.  Again for this company and me, its about making a difference.  The actuality is we have a unique and specialized skill set that can effect change in other organizations, its staff, students, or others who seek our services.  Please understand that we will never forgo quality over quantity.  I will not allow for us to compromise our values.  If that is our downfall, then we leave graciously with Honor, Bravery, and Valor.  Thank you, and I hope you will choose 53 Strategic to be your solution. 

Justin Viens, CEO, 53 Strategic