This course is designed to introduce a person into the use, ownership, and responsible manipulation of a firearm.  The course was designed for someone with little to no experience with a firearm and introduces the student to firearms without firing the weapon.  We offer a relaxed learning enviroment surrounding the use and ownership of firearms and basic safety features involving a firearm.    We will also introduce the prospective shooter and firearm owner to firearms shooter development and/or concealed carry options.  

  * Please note, this course is informational only and there is no live fire involved.


 Classes fill up quickly and are offered on a limited basis.  Check back for more availability.

1/4 day, 2 hours

$50.00 per person.  Please contact our Division of Education and Training to find out more.


Training will be conducted at our 53 Strategic Training Center

located in Dover, DE. (after scheduling, you will receive an email with class details and instructions.)


Course Curriculum

  • 53 Strategic's Principles of Firearms

    • Introduction

    • Safety

    • Firearm selection

    • The right firearm for you (ergonomics, biomechanics, use/enviroment)

    • Firearms and ammunition

      • Types and uses

    • Safe use, manipulation, transportation and safe storage (i.e., children in the home, preventing access, theft, prohibited persons)

    • Maintenance

    • Ownership

      • Laws (Federal, State, Local)

      • Purchase, sale, or transfer

      • Prohibited Persons

      • Consideration of personal Insurance

      • Process for obtaining a CCW

      • Reciprocity CCW-Military

    • Introduction to concealed carry

    • Introduction to shooter development courses



Required Equipment

All students must have the following equipment: 

Students are not required to bring anything for this special introductory class.

Please contact our Division of Education and Training with any questions you may have.  Please read all information provided prior to signing up for our course.

This course has an estimated round count of 0

There will be no live firing of any firearms in this course.