Delaware's Armed Professional 40 hour Handgun Qualification Course is required by all constables, bailiffs, armed security, bail enforcement officers to carry a firearm.   As outlined in the Delaware Rules and Regulations, an individual must successfully pass the initial 40-hour course and certification.  To maintain certification or recertify, an individual must qualify 3 times a year, 90 days apart with an approved instructor.  

5 day, 40 hours

$600.00 per person (special contract pricing available to agencies which enter into a contract agreement with 53 Strategic.  Please contact our Division of Education and Training)


Course Curriculum

  • Range Operations
    • Handgun manipulation
      • Reloads
      • One-handed
    • Multiple Threat acquisitions
    • Application of Overcoming Malfunctions
    • Shooting on the Move (SotM)
    • Application of Foundational Marksmanship
    • Safety/Rules
    • 53 Strategic's Principles of Firearms
      • Introduction
      • Safety
      • Use of Force/Legal Updates
      • Safe use, manipulation, and storage
    • Maintenance
    • Foundational Marksmanship
    • Handgun Techniques
    • Overcoming Malfunctions

      Course Qualification

      Day Shoot

      Low Light Shoot


      For a student to obtain the Delaware 40 hour course certification, the student must successfully demonstrate the safe and proper handling of firearms throughout the 40 hours of instruction.  Students must also demonstrate proper weapon manipulations in a variety of situations adhering to specific target standards established by 53 Strategic.  As per required by Delaware State Police Professional Licensing Division, students must successfully meet all qualification course of fire objectives as outlined in Del. Code.  

      * Any student that cannot meet and maintain our safety standards and/or who cannot meet and demonstrate the minimum handgun foundational skills required for this class may be withdrawn from training without certification.

      Required Equipment

      All students must have the following equipment: 

      • Authorized or approved pistol in good working order with at least 3 magazines
      • Sturdy belt at least 1.5" wide, duty belt, approved training belt
      • Magazine carriers, holders, or pouches
      • Belt mounted, dominant side holster
      • Footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning (no slippers, sandals, open footware, etc.)
      • Casual, comfortable clothing suitable for training in any weather (no sweat pants)
      • Hydration system
      • Hearing protection
      • Wrap-around eye protection
      • Note taking materials 
      • Ammunition, .38s, 9mm, .40sig, .45acp

      Please contact our Division of Education and Training with any questions you may have.

      This course has an estimated round count of 500

      Recertification has an estimated round count of 250