Civilian Shooter Development

We believe at 53 Strategic the continued need for firearms training to those who do not carry a firearm as a profession.  We train to our foundational marksmanship methodology.  We believe in reality-based training that is principled on practicality not "tacticool."  If you are not training to the standards of efficiency of movement and foundational marksmanship, then what are you preparing for.  Statistically speaking, most firearms owner do not receive follow-on or advanced firearm training for various reasons.  The reality is shooting a firearm is a skill that needs practice, new challenges, and new concepts on a consistant basis.  We offer a host of training to develop our shooters to be stronger, smarter, and capable of enhancing their skills.  We want our shooters to grow into a new genre of responsible gun owners by increasing their critical thinking in shooting a firearm.  53 Strategic's principles of firearms are ever-changing and developing to create a new kind of shooter.  We plan to create a shooter that is smarter, faster, and capable of foundational marksmanship.


*Our courses are in high demand, please sign-up for our waitlist to be added to one of our courses.

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Concealed Carry Course



In order to carry a concealed firearm in most states you must successfully pass a basic firearms course. This course is designed to provide basic hands-on training of safe handling, use, and knowledge of general firearms related laws. If you are a new firearm owner or are looking to obtain a concealed firearms permit, this is the course for you.

**This is an approved course for the Delaware Concealed Carry Requirement


Intro to firearms



2 hour course

In this course, an individual interested in firearms with little to no experience will familiarze themselves with the safe handling, knowledge and understanding of handguns. We will also discuss the process of purchasing a firearm, transportation, and safe storage.

*There is NO live firing in this course


Foundational Handgun Series

Handgun: Alpha

$200.oo (single course) or $600.00 for the complete foundational series course of fire (4 classes valued at $800.00)



This course is the first out of four of our foundational handgun series of classes. The following course offers the shooter foundational skills in the use of handguns.


Foundational Handgun Series

Handgun: Bravo


1 Day

As we continue to build on the concepts of pistol marksmanship, this course is the second out of four in our foundational handgun series.  In this course we develop the shooter and introduce them to foundations of accuracy, dealing with malfunctions, and much more.


*prerequisite: Handgun Alpha or equivalent




Foundational Handgun Series

Handgun: Charlie



Again, this course is number three out of four in our foundational handgun series.  The objective in this course is to develop the shooter into a more dynamic handgun user.  The concept of building on foundational skills and mending them with good, efficient handgun marksmanship.


*prerequisite: Handgun Bravo or equivalent



Foundational Handgun Series

Handgun: Delta (Defensive Handgun)



Delta is our Defensive handgun course and is the final class in our foundational handgun series.  In this course, you will apply all of the fundamentals of handgun manipulation, firing, retention, multiple threat,  and new techniques on how to use a handgun in  defensive situations. 


*prerequisite: Handgun Charlie or equivalent