A Rising Threat

A rising threat.  It is without consequence we hear the words security and not even for a moment pause and give ample thought to existing and future dangers.  In fact, we continue with our daily routines and rely on some other facet to concentrate solely on our security.   Is this the best approach? Inevitably we cannot relocate our businesses to this standard practice, can we?  You would be astounded by the typical answer from many organizations in practice today.  The reality is many organizations rely on less than stellar options to protect their staff or business assets.  Often, the private industry thinks they are resistant to cyber intrusions merely because they are not at the forefront of national security or defense.  Sadly, this way of thinking is bad for business and creates risk that is avoidable.  If you for a moment believe you are immune, I meekly ask you to reconsider your approach.  In the early months of 2018, Daniel Coats, the Director of Intelligence shared with the Senate Select-Committee on Intelligence, “We face a complex, volatile and challenging threat environment,” Coats told the senators. “The risk of interstate conflict is higher than any time since the end of the Cold War -- all the more alarming because of the growing development and use of weapons of mass destruction by state and nonstate actors. Our adversaries, as well as the other malign actors, are using cyber and other instruments of power to shape societies and markets, international rules and institutions, and international hotspots to their advantage.” (Jim Garamone, 2018)

Our Intelligence Community is highlighting the present and future threats, and it would benefit us to pay attention.  A crisis can be averted if the correct measures are taken and in place before falling victim.  Think beyond the stereotypical threat assessment and let us show you how critical of an aid it can be to your organization.  Remember, threats come externally, but also internally.  A topic many companies would rather avoid for fear of targeting thier employees.  Understandably, however, the employee violation wasn't necessarily carried out with malicious intent.  Many of the breaches organizations were exposed to came from a careless employee either failing to follow company policy or bypassing security measures.  Regardless, the damage can be catastrophic in the public affairs arena and the trust of your customer.  

Here at 53 Strategic, our team will assist your business in selecting the right options for the right moment.  We can provide a comprehensive threat assessment for any venture taken or in the near future.  

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