Recently, some of 53 Strategic's team members attended a 2-day Homeland Security Conference.  Even the members of 53 Strategic believe in the fundamentals of learning and continuing development.  To be the best you have to train with and be your best.  However, that is for another release.  

The reason I am writing you today is because one of the most profound statements at this conference was what a Supervisory Special Agent from the FBI said.  He said, "the majority of Americans don't think or worry about terrorism".  Wait, what?!?  Did I hear that correctly?  In a country that has had its tragedies from terrorism throughout its history.  In fact, we have seen a significant increase since 9/11.  Now, I understand terrorism is a broadly defined term that is often clouded with perceptions and misunderstandings.  Most, when they hear the word terrorism think of Iraq, Afghanistan, or other Middle Eastern Nations in turmoil.  Yet, terrorism is much more complex and is not tied to any ethnical group.  We must bypass the stereotypes and biases if we hope to understand the complexity of terrorism.  9/11 was one such complicated act of terrorism carried out on our Homeland.  The Oklahoma City Bombing was also an act of terrorism.  It's just defined as a subset of terrorism in the category of domestic terrorism.

I am brought back to my original question, why are Americans not concerned.  I can only answer this question based on my education, experience and lastly with my opinion.  So here goes, our Government, Law Enforcement, and Military have been doing such a fantastic job to thwart, prevent, or uncover different acts of terrorism across the globe.  I believe, we Americans have a facade built up around our homes, businesses, and places we enjoy.  We think it is someone else's problem or concern.  We have almost become accustomed to seeing other countries struggle with safety and security.  London, Manchester, Paris...  the list goes on.  The reality is we have had terrorism in much the same fashion happens every year, yet we choose to ignore or downplay the seriousness.  No need to panic, but there is a need to enhance you and your loved one's safety while not sacrificing your freedoms.  

Please reach out to my team and gives a fraction of your time to share with you how we can help you, your family or your business.  My team has your best interest at heart and recognize we are one in the same.  We want to make our great nation safer and better for our kids to grow up.



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