Armed Professional Development

The backbone of our nation is in those professionals who arm each day protecting life and property. At 53 Strategic, we offer technoscientific firearms training to improve the armed professional. We challenge the theory concerning the adequacy of minimally trained armed professionals. Here at 53 Strategic, we teach for practicality, reality, and to improve foundational marksmanship on any platform. The courses we offer are designed to strategically take the individual shooter or agency firearms qualification to a fully developed armed professional shooter.


Delaware Armed Professional Basic Handgun Course

5 days (40 hours) $500.00 per person

Special pricing for group/contract agreement,for further information email:

To obtain your license to carry as a security officer, constable, bailiff, or bail enforcement agent in Delaware, you must successfully pass the basic security firearms course. This course is designed to provide basic hands-on training in the safe handling, use, and knowledge of general firearms related laws.

**This is the approved course for the Delaware 40 hour Handgun Requirement by the Delaware State Police Professional Licensing.


Faith-Based Armed Protective Teams Firearm Course


3 days (24 hours) $250.00 per person Special pricing for group/contract agreements.

Further information email:

Approved faith-based security/protective team members

In this course of fire, we develop new armed or train established faith-based security/protective team members to understand the concepts of Active Killer response, team tactics, close quarters “combat” shooting, threat discrimination and crowd based weapon manipulation.


tactical handgun


2 Days (16 hours)

LE/Mil only

This course is an intensive advanced foundational handgun course designed to develop the shooter using a handgun. Will cover foundational marksmanship using several handgun tactics to address threats in any environment.

  • Pistol Marksmanship
  • One-handed weapon manipulation
  • reloads
  • overcoming malfunctions
  • low light/weapon lights
  • cover/concealment
  • Handgun optics

The course is an intensive handgun course designed to develop the experienced shooter.


Delaware Armed Professional Re-Certification Course

Entry Level

1 day

As per Delaware law, all armed professionals are required to re-qualify with their handgun three times annually with an approved instructor. We offer annual re-certification requirements in this particular course. *Must have previously been certified in the Delaware 40 hour Course to attend the yearly recertification course of fire.


Vehicle borne Tactics


3 days

LE/Mil Only


In this course, the student will develop techniques and tactics for shooting in and around motor vehicles, fundamentals of marksmanship during high threat situations and the dichotomy of tactical shooting regarding vehicles.  We will cover engineering topics of vehicles, safety, and egress using vehicle tactics.


Low Light/Weapon Mounted Light Tactics


1 day

This course is designed around low light shooting, and the use of weapon mounted lights.  We will train weapon light selection, handheld vs. weapon light, and perform marksmanship in low light with or without a light.  The course of fire will occur during the evening hours in low or nighttime environments and will also include live fire practical drills.  


tactical Patrol Rifle


2 days

LE/Mil Only


This course is an intensive advanced foundational rifle course designed to develop the shooter using a patrol rifle platform. We, cover foundational marksmanship using tactical rifle tactics to address threats in any environment.

  • Rifle Marksmanship

  • One-handed weapon manipulation

  • Reloads

  • Overcoming malfunctions

  • Low light/weapon lights

  • Cover/concealment

  • Rifle optics

  • Iron sights

  • Transition drills

  • Multiple threats

The course is an intensive rifle course designed to develop the experienced shooter.