53 Strategic

53 Strategic, LLC is a professional consulting, training, and development company owned, and operated by a military veteran and veteran federal law enforcement officer. The design behind 53 Strategic was to offer exceptional training, assessments, threat management, firearm training, research & development of social and behavioral sciences and technology. We consult on a variety of specialty and technical areas. The idea behind 53 Strategic is to take specific LE/Military training and experiences and apply them to our private and public sectors. In doing this, we hope to enhance the preservation of life and property for our clients.  

Since its inception, 53 Strategic has been designing exceptional training plans, comprehensive consulting work, and emergency planning of our client's readiness capabilities. It is about providing a safer and more secure community.  

Members of the 53 Strategic Team are some of the most experienced, trained and certified personnel. With highly qualified individuals from reputable backgrounds such as the US military, federal, state, and local law enforcement, anti-terrorism, and emergency services the breadth of knowledge, education, experience, and professionalism far exceed today's industry standards.

A message from our CEO