What is 53 Strategic?  

 53 Strategic is a multi-faceted Professional Training Organization that is veteran owned.

We offer training and consultations to businesses, educational institutions, faith-based organizations, and many others with critical solutions.  Many of those solutions may come in the form of safety and security training, or in developing a variety of emergency planning.  Our comprehensive services intertwine within the three primary divisions here at 53 Strategic.


In today's world, we face an ever-growing threat of violent acts within our communities.

With recent increases to targeted violence and various lapses within the safety and security planning; it has generated an outcry for enhanced public and private safety.

The commonality between these threats capitalizes on exploiting the vulnerabilities of private and public interests.

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Our Mission

Is to provide professional, comprehensive consulting, training, and research & development addressing a myriad of threats, vulnerabilities, public & private safety needs, and preparedness. Ultimately, we empower our client's safety, knowledge, security, along with mitigation techniques that only our company could provide. 

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Division of Consulting

First, our Division of Consulting is one of our most dynamic set of services. Our consulting has your organization covered in all areas of public and private safety, emergency planning, risk and threat management, crisis management, and much more. We also help you evaluate or test your established emergency plans to ensure compliance, effectiveness, and identify what works and what doesn't.

Division of Education and Training

Second, Our Division of Education and Training (E&T) is a robust series of training courses that cover a multitude of subjects spanning active shooter prevention (PaTHWAY) , preparedness (SaVE) to leadership development. Our training is tailor-made for your organizational needs. One thing is for certain; we can make your team and organization stronger, more cohesive, and better trained. *NEW, we offer specialized firearms training for armed professionals and individual shooters.

Division of Research & Development

Finally, our Division of Research & Development. R&D is where we create our innovative ideas. More so, we conduct the short and long-term research on training, standards, resources, social issues and much more. We do all we can to strengthen or make better our processes and processes of others. We also use this resource to find new innovative ways to contribute to our public and private safety mission. Whether it's figuring out if a process is the right option or developing a specialized safety application for iOS devices or innovating new technology to serve our public safety mission more strategically; we have no limitations on what we conduct R&D as it pertains to public and private safety and security.

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We train, prepare, and win!

To be successful and survive, you must grow and become better.  Stagnation or mediocrity will undoubtedly be one's ultimate demise. We at 53 Strategic, are unlike any other safety and security firm.  We understand the fundamentals of a strong foundation.  We further recognize the partnership required to construct a rock-steady action plan.  Give us an opportunity, and we will create a quantifiable outcome; through Training and Technical Assistance (TTA).



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As a professional training and consulting agency, our services are tailored to our client's needs.  Pricing is based on several logistical factors such as agency or institution size, number of personnel, training needs, the complexity of analysis, advisement, and evaluations.  We strive to make our services attractive and affordable without sacrificing quality.  By requesting our free consultation, we can best evaluate your needs and develop a balanced cost proposal.


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